Ci House Decor and Renovation Wish List 2014

Pinterest is my favorite, but sometimes I want to really visualize the things that I have been pinning and pondering. This is also a good way to visualize budgeting for me. Not going to link to all the items, as you can go to my pinterest page if you are interested in learning more. The kitchen mock-up is just Ikea’s cool kitchen design tool that is a blast to mess with.

Questions I am really pondering:

• I’m OBSESSED with Benjamin Moore Gentlemen’s Gray paint color. Can I be brave enough to paint my son’s whole room that dark??
• Can I cobble together white couch and chair slipcovers on the cheap?
• Do I really need to invest in rug pads?
• Do I have a bathroom that can really handle a black ceiling? It can totally handle a fancy chandelier. Right?
• I’m still relaying on Ikea a lot. Is that a bad thing?


You have to ask the hard hitting questions, right? As for now, here are some of my collected wish list ideas.



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