2014’s Living Room / Office Reboot

I drive my husband crazy with how much I love to rearrange our furniture. Sometimes I just like to do it in my head for fun! It helps to jot it down on paper. This year I focus on perfecting my living room! Here is the plan:




See the arrows? Those are my ‘wish list’ purchases for the year. Smells like a mood board to me! Ahh, it’s been too long since an old fashioned mood board hit the Ci! Welcome to a brand new year!!!




And here is the breakdown:

a. So, I will start with the really fun. This is art!  Not really practical in the sense of I NEED IT, but – well… I WANT IT. Have for a long time. The String Light by Patrick Townsend! So simple, so beautiful. Those little red lights make me hyperventilate a little. Plus: I have the perfect spot for it. ($175)

b. I decided a while ago what color I want to turn this room into – but this is the year! Benjamin Moore – Revere Pewter. Still debating painting the beige ceramic tile around the fireplace. Have you ever seen anyone with painted ceramic tile? I love painted brick… hmmmm.

c. With the proper anchors, do you think this will hold our TV and games to the wall safely? IKEA EKBY ÖSTEN/ EKBY OXIE  ($40)

d. We need a bigger desk, I considered fashioning one out of an existing door, but it may be too big. Plus, my husband isn’t that down with it – and he uses the desk the most right now. However, I think that this will fit into the space nicely and for a great price. (It’s actually a dining room table!) IKEA MELLTORP Table, white ($65)

e. That desk will require some storage space. Enter the IKEA HELMER Drawer unit on casters, white ($40)

f. This will be my quest – find the perfect antique mirror for above the fireplace! You know I will be hunting through the Chicago classifieds! Here’s a contender! ($129)

So – for less than $500 (not including cost of paint), we can have an updated and useful living space this year, that includes found objects and a true work of art. Happy 2014!

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