40 Before Forty (more updates)

It’s been another year since I looked to this list that I have been working on for quite a while now, and it’s time to make some more updates to the goals that I set for myself on my 36th birthday. Just one little tiny year left after this April 18th (yikes!). I better get cracking!

  1. Travel as much as possible while I am young.
  2. Finish college.
  3. Marry a man I adore.
  4. Move away from where I grow up, and experience new and different things.
  5. Buy my own house.
  6. Have a child.
  7. Work at a job that I really actually like.
  8. Start a personal blog.
  9. Grow herbs and/or tomatoes every summer. (2010 planted herbs; 2011 spread out a bit and grew upside down tomatoes, 2012 was a stinker of a year for tomatoes – but the herbs were strong)
  10. Repaint every room in my condo. (ENTRY/HALLWAY, LIVING ROOM, BATHROOM, MASTER BEDROOM, 2nd BEDROOM, DINING ROOM, KITCHEN – 2011: in progress 2012: DONE!)
  11. Finally create a bookshelf system for our condo that works. (2011: Boy, did I give that sucker a lot of thought. In the end, I went with Ikea’s white Billys in the dining room. I should probably share that someday, huh? I have sort of been waiting until I put doors on them and consider them complete. May be never then.) (2012: crossing this off. They look great without doors!
  12. Eat at Charlie Trotter’s, and at least two other restaurants on this list. (2011: Trotter’s is closing August 17, 2012. I waited too long, as it’s impossible to reserve now. Well, still plenty to get to on the list, anyway!) (2012: There are too many great restaurants to narrow down to just a few. Will cross this off and know that I will always TRY to fit in my fine dining when I can!
  13. Take a photography class, and learn how to use my SLR camera properly. (2011: My poor lonely SLR has been totally replaced by iPhone pix. Strange.) (2012: am obsessed with Instagram, but have been feeling the itch to pick up the SLR again soon…)
  14. Learn CSS or some other programming system. (2012: poop. not yet.)
  15. Take a cooking class. (No, but have been teaching myself! Loving it!) (2012: just don’t fee the need anymore!)
  16. Get into great physical shape.(2009: Wii Fit, Went G-Free, and lost some weight) (2010: still G-free, started regular yoga, did a couple of cleanses) (2011: still G-free (!), still doing yoga (!), will do another couple of cleanses. Still not even close to being in great physical shape.) (2012: still very happy with my progress of clean eating and moving as much as possible!)
  17. Volunteer for something. (2010: Earth Day Donation time; 2011 Earth Day time again, along with lots of other donation of stuff. 2012: FAIL)
  18. Have a date night with my husband at least once a month. (2011: Ugh, well – we try, but it’s closer to once ever quarter. Need to work on that!) (2012: FAIL)
  19. Visit these Chicago sites: Willis Tower Observation Deck and the new Modern Wing at the Art Institute. (2011: The Modern Wing is excellant, and my son and husband checked out the Willis. I am good with that for now.)
  20. Take full advantage of every summer in Chicago doing by too much biking, many picnics on the lake, attending street festivals, and going to the Lincoln Park Zoo often. (Always!)
  21. 2010- Obtain a year long membership to the Shedd Aquarium. Go often, take lots of photos.  (DONE)
  22. 2011- Obtain a year long membership to the Field Museum. Go often, take lots of photos. (DONE, except for that due to a Groupon, it was Science & Industry!)
  23. 2012- Obtain a year long membership to the Museum of Science and Industry. Go often, take lots of photos. (2011: not yet, but we are definitely thinking of the Field.) (2012: didn’t happen. FAIL)
  24. 2013- Obtain a year long membership to an Art Museum. Go often, take lots of photos. (2012: hmmm, not yet. and probably not this year either. We’ll see.)
  25. 2014- Obtain a year long membership to an ??? Museum. Go often, take lots of photos.
  26. Do more yoga. (2011: Loving my class at the Parks district!) (2012: Pretty good yoga at the office gym, turns out!)
  27. Eliminate more meat from my diet. (Sometimes. My son has just proclaimed himself a vegetarian. I suppose that’s something?)
  28. Enroll my son in at least one fun class a year. (2011: He’s a busy kid, alright.) (2012: he can swim!)
  29. Find the perfect school for my son. (2011: Still working hard on this one. We have a year and a 1/2 left and counting – but already found out that we are wait listed for the one and only private school we did early admission with.) (2012: WE FOUND A SCHOOL. It’s private and means that our life is going to change a bit as we are going to be ‘school poor’. But I am excited to be sending him to such a great school. This is the most satisfying one to check off for me for sure.)
  30. Recycle all of my glass and paper products. Getting a recyle dumpster with our condo assoc. makes this a no brainer.
  31. Create a list of 40 must read books, then actually read them. (2011: Ugh. Too bad I didn’t put the Hunger Games on there. I would have 3 knocked out then.) (2012: I have decided to cut myself slack on this. It’s nice to have the list anyway.)
  32. Take a family vacation at least once a year. This includes leaving the city for at least three days or more with my family. (2011: Yes, we have been ON it. We even did a NYC trip this year!) (2012: went all over again! Including an amazing farm in Wisconsin!)
  33. Throw a holiday party every November or December for all of my friends. (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  34. Stay on top of new technology as much as possible. ie OWN AN iPAD. :)
  35. Explore Illinois on small weekend car trips. (2011: want to do more of this, but have done some!) (2012: did! – see above)
  36. Think about the transition to a single family home. (2011: uhh, hello real estate market. this is going to take awhile.) (2012: Not going to happen before 40 – see note on being ‘school poor’)
  37. Think more seriously about starting my own business. (2011: uhhh, hello economy – this also might be stalled.) (2012: Not quite interested in this yet.)
  38. Evolve this blog and let it grow with me. (2011: Yes, I think I have done this. Can keep it up, though.) (2012: have been neglecting it, but I feel ok about that for now.)
  39. Continue to stay in touch with my family via Skype as much as possible. (2011: I do! Except now I call it FaceTime!) (2012: still FaceTiming as much as possible!)
  40. Continue to try to be the best me I can be. (2011 – Well, that is my biggest daily goal! Do I make it? Not always, but I’ll keep trying.) (2012 – sometimes I win, sometimes I fail, but I always try.

Next year, in addition to trying to complete this list, I am inspired by the great and wonderful Amy Guth’s life list. I don’t know if I could possibly come up with 1000 – but I think it’s a very noble goal. Let’s see what happens!!!

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