How did you feel when you found out you were going to be a parent? (And goodbye Storylane)

Just learned that the noble social try will be shutting down soon. This is such an intriguing time of thinking  trying, doing, failing, and trying again. Throw as much at those walls as we can! Something’s bound to stick. This is one thing that did not. But I did put a story on there a while ago that I will share here so that it still will live. Here you go!

How did you feel when you found out you were going to be a parent?


Kelly Zech

As with every other person I have ever met that is thinking of trying to start a family, I was so afraid that I would find it difficult or perhaps physically impossible to have a child. I deal with my own personal health issues, and my husband was himself adopted as a baby, and had no interest in raising an adopted child himself. This made the decision simple: either we had a child easily and naturally, or would not have children at all. When we decided it was time to start trying, I tried not to get emotional about whatever was going to happen.

It was only the first month into trying when my husband and I took a vacation to LA to see some old friends. As we had just started the process, I didn’t try to curb my bad habits while we were away. I drank like a fish, and puffed away on cigarettes. I figured I would start to get better once done with our trip. As we got to the airport to go home – I lit up a preflight smoke before we went in and said to my husband and the friend we were traveling with, “Well, this will be the last cigarette I ever smoke.” They looked at me doubtfully, as I was a dedicated smoker who had tried to quit plenty of times. But I just had a feeling that this was it. Turns out I was right.

Meanwhile, back at home in Chicago, our dear friends from Austin, Jenna and Glynn, were staying at our condo while we were away. They were 7 months pregnant at the time, and using our space for a quick ‘babymoon’ before their son was born. They gave me a call before we got on the plane, to see if they could have anything waiting for us upon our return. Without thinking, I blurted out, “I need a pregnancy test.” (Yes, I made a 7-months-pregnant lady buy me a pregnancy test. I still chuckle when I think about the cashier’s thoughts that day.)

It turns out it was worth it, though – as the test was indeed positive. My husband and I were terrified and speechless. This wasn’t supposed to happen so quickly, right? What about all of the horror stories we constantly heard about years of struggle? As ready as we both felt to ‘try’ to get pregnant – neither of us had yet come to terms with actually GETTING pregnant! Luckily we had a built in support group right in our house at the time. Jenna and Glynn had dealt with a surprise pregnancy just 7 months earlier and were able to help us get from the point of shock to the being completely thrilled rather quickly.

Fast forward to now, and our son will be 5 years old soon. I’ve learned that parenthood is seriously not for wusses. I was right to be terrified at first. But I have also discovered that it is the most thrilling and rewarding thing I have ever done. In the end, I feel so very, very fortunate that it happend for us so quickly and easily.

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