Fall 2012 Uniform

I am getting really excited about some cooler temps and have been bumping into a few blogsters talking about their ‘fall uniform’. (This lot includes one of my new current faves: AB Chao.) I thought I would join in the fun and give a little roundup of the items that I want to live in once the Chicago temp needle starts dipping.

1. I went on a little search this summer for items that I consider to be wardrobe essentials. One of the items that I landed on was a black trench coat. I got this one: Women’s Trench Coat from SeV. It’s really nice. The pockets are way overboard and it runs a bit large, but I like it. I haven’t been able to wear it much yet, but I am dying to. I will wear that thing until the temps hit below the 0’s is my guess. Good thing it’s roomy and can fit some thick layers underneath!

2. I tend to wear a scarf at least 8 months out of the year, but have been feeling the need for something a little different. I have been totally inspired by the ropes that some of the designers on this 10th season of Project Runway have been wearing. This lovely $18 Etsy find will do nicely! Slate Gray Maxi Length Jersey Rope Scarf

3. Another forehead slapping essential that my wardrobe was lacking: t-shirts! So affordable, versatile, and most essential! Here’s a $10 online special for some white tees to stock up on: Merona® Women’s Ultimate Long Sleeve Vee Tee

4. Ok- here’s where things get tricky. I want to go on the hunt for the perfect taupe/grey ankle boots. Like these sort of – but USED! It’s my fall’s most fun and vapid ambition. Paula by Franco Sarto (Cool taupe); $109 (on sale)

5. Anna (of doorsixteen.com, but we’re on a first name basis in my head) is always inspiring me. (Read: I think she’s the coolest and I want to imitate her constantly. Yes- I’m a little ashamed, but the truth is the truth.) She recently tweeted about the best-fitting skinny jeans she’s ever owned. Now I want them. 1969 curvy skinny jeans

6. Here’s another used item I will be on the hunt down for all season: a tweed blazer. This search may just call for some consignment shops. Can’t wait!!! Donegal Tweed Blazer, Herringbone

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