Farmhouse Kitchen Packing List

For friend and family summer vacation this year, I am thrilled to report that I soon will be heading to a rural working farm in Southwestern Wisconsin: Life O’Riley Farm & Guesthouses! One of the things that make me so excited about this trip is that the farm we are heading to is very into supporting the slow food movement and eating locally. While we are there, we are going to attempt to join in the movement and eat slowly and locally. As I have been working so hard to become more comfortable in the kitchen, I think that the next great step is to think about how that food can best be obtained and consumed. (Also – what fun to take my boy and learn these things with him!)
To make sure we can pay the utmost respect to that local food and insure the best meals possible, here is the list of the 10 essential, but perhaps not as local, items I am planning to pack.
  1. My favorite knife
  2. A Cookbook (The Food Matters Cookbook: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living written by one of my favorite cookbook writers and food philosophers: Mark Bittman)
  3. Flavor: a great olive oil & balsamic or sherry vinegar, essential dried herbs, pepper grinder, sea salt.
  4. Large saute pan
  5. Espresso maker + espresso (I love my little Stovetop Percolator and my local coffee shop Metropolis has my my favorite REDLINE espresso.)
  6. Six pack of good wine/spirits with a corkscrew.
  7. A vegetable peeler
  8. Good chocolate.
  9. My favorite g-free vanilla extract (Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract) (I hope that we can do some baking!)
  10. Nuts. (For snacking, to add to salads, or sauteed with greens, goat cheese, vinegar & oil.)

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