Why I Think Collecting Ideas Is Good

A couple of  bloggers that I have long admired and followed (and who have much bigger readerships than the little Ci)  have stepped up to speak against the ‘trend of curation’ of ideas that is happening in the blog world lately. I have been forcing myself to ponder this for a bit before voicing my opinions – as I must admit, my initial reaction might have bordered a bit on indignation and, yes, rage.

I don’t call myself an artist, however I strongly believe that everyone (artist or not) has their own personal creative process. My creative process is to craft thoughts and opinions of things I like, admire, things that move me. I get excited to find folks that have like tastes. That’s pure human nature. This has been the case for me all my life – even before things like blogs, Tumblr, and Pinterest made it a social hobby, too.

With an unlimited amount of ideas and information available in the world, it’s nice to be able to narrow them all down and provide yourself a little direction. I never (or try not to) copy anything verbatim. When I create something, it’s generally an amalgamation of ideas that others have done, or ideas that have spun off from what others have done. Rarely, if ever, do I find that ideas come to me without some bit of inspiration. Maybe that is what makes me so different from a pure ‘artist’.

Anyway, I just want to say that while I agree that some of the pinning, blogging, and tumbling may be adding to the already loud noise of information to be had, they are also, I find, an excellent way to help yourself sort through that noise.

And in case you were wondering, as of now, I will still read these bloggers, possibly pin them, tweet about them, blog about them, as I also enjoy and am inspired by not agreeing with everything someone does or says. That’s just as much a part of collecting ideas.

And speaking of collection, if you don’t follow me on Instragram, let me show you how my amazing birthday month ended up! Here’s me and a month of my collected ideas – created!



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