Birthday 2012

I have a birthday coming up next week, and as I haven’t played around with a mood board in a while, I decided to give myself a little bday treat and place all the little things I want to do and get for myself next week in one spot. Yea for birthdays! Just to note: I firmly believe that it is your personal responsibility (not anyone else’s) to make your own birthday as special as you can.

1. Would love to try my hand at dying some Easter eggs the natural way via Apartment Therapy 2. Excited to bake these amazing looking g-free and vegan Black Bean Chocolate Chili Cherry Cookies 3. Having a spring birthday, I always love to try to buy myself some new sandals: Dolce Vita Women’s Eileen Wedge Sandal (these are pretty hot in red, too.) 4. I think that I will pretend I am a little younger than I am and give myself a tredy mani this week (like this)! 5. Have been searching for something like these LITTLE ARCHES earrings for a while. Just perfect.  6. Lastly, I want to do some work on my kitchen makeover (sorry March deadline!) by spraying a stool hot red-orange (inspired by this is…) and if I can swing it –– add a new island from Ikea.

One thought on “Birthday 2012

  1. Happy birthday! I like that funky manicure (though can you believe it–I’ve never had a manicure in my life). You’re giving me ideas for my birthday next month . . .
    See you tonight at yoga. =)

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