The Pinterest Challenge

The wonderful bloggers over at Young House Love and Bower Power have once again thrown out the seasonal “stop-pinning-and-start-doing” Pinterest challenge. I think this is an excellant idea. In an effort to push myself into action as well, I am going to join in this winter.

Here’s what’s going to happen over at the Ci: I am giving myself a deadline of March 31 to repaint my kitchen! I have been pinning countless photos of black, white, wood, with a touch of chalkboard paint kitchens for what seems like ages. I started pinning this color combo before I realized that I was just pinning the same thing over and over again. (One of the things I have grown to really love about Pinterest is it’s continued ability to explain a little bit about more about me to… well, …me.) But of them all, it’s this kitchen that really got me:

I love the clean line between the dark and light. With my cabinets already all white, and no current actual backsplash to work with, I thought it best to ‘create’ one with some glossy paint.  So, here’s the plan: as my dining room is right next to my kitchen, and I painted that in Benjamin Moore Deep Space way back when, I will take a cue from the paint strip, and move up a notch darker: (this is looking lighter on screen then it does IRL)

So, it looks like the backsplash, and space above the cabinets will be getting a little glossy Black Panther treatment. This will actually end up being a very minimim amount of black happening in the kitchen ultimately. The rest of the space will be inspired by what one of my favorite bloggers (Door Sixteen) calls “the world’s palest neutral gray”: Benjamin Moore Lacey Pearl: [edit to add: D16 is NOT on Pinterest, and does not have the love affair with it that I do. In truth, she has what I believe are to be very valid points against it. Here is a link that she shares on her FAQ you can read if you want to hear more about why she feels this way. As such, the following photo was not pinned to any of my boards, and I have attempted to clearly credited her here.]

Photo by Door Sixteen

All the trim will be Benjamin Moore Decorator’s white, that has been slowly going up on all the trim in my house:

Then, lastly, a hint of green chalkboard paint thrown in for good measure: (bonus points if I can nerve up to paint my refrigerator:)

And, that will be that! Please know that I know that the end product will look NOTHING like any of the attached inspiration photos – but that’s the point! Create something new by being inspired by others!

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “The Pinterest Challenge

  1. Way to go! I think your inspiration photo is very artsy, utility, loft, simple, cool! The big question. Will you have a photo of Ernest Hemingway staring out at you as you chop celery? 😉

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