February Photo A Day: DAY 28

So you know that little chair I have been waffling on for a while? Well, today, I accidentally saw that it went on sale. And I accidentally bought it. Yes, I know: I bought the shoes, too. Fat Mum Slim‘s photo a day challenge word today was appropriately MONEY. Here is how I justified it:

  • For some silly reason, deep down I believe that such a good bargain is sort of like it might as well be free.
  • I have been wanting a chair in a spot in my bedroom for-like-ever, but could never pull the trigger. Here is me thinking about it back in the summer of ’10. That chair I used in that mood board hasn’t existed on that site for purchase since then. Sooo…
  • I am afraid this chair will be discontinued soon, too.

So, there you have it. I am so terribly excited to see it in real life, and hope I love it as much as I do in the photos.

How do you justify home decor expenses? Is it just me that always feels guilt at the drop of any $ for my home – even though it brings me such comfort and happiness in the long haul?

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