Idea Created: Room Curtain Divider

I love using a three day weekend for a house project, and New Year’s day this year I created a room curtain divider between my son’s play room and bedroom. This makes a private spot for a play room turned guest room when needed, and makes for a cozier bedroom at night to encourage precious, precious sleep from my son (who seems to hate it.)

I had been considering doing something like this for a while, but when I saw this photo (posted by the always inspirational Brick House) of a room in the Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, I got inspired:

I love the clean lines, and the modern but comfortable feel. I am not a sewer, but decided to give it a whirl. I measured and then trekked to Joanne’s Fabrics. There I bought some clean, light cream canvas, along with some Stitch Witchery (no sew hem iron-on), some grommets, some red rope, and a couple of little hooks. Here’s my step by step progress.

1. After spraying the canvas on both sides with Scotch Guard, I hemmed both ends using the Stitch Witchery. (That stuff is cool!) The bottom of the two panels got a four-inch hem, while the top got a two-inch one.

2. I lined up the hemmed top two panels.

3. I laid out and studied the grommets.

4. I used the enclosed grommet stencil to trace my cut lines under the hem.

5. Then, I cut out the circles that I drew.

6. After that, it was just a matter of snapping the front and back of the grommets together. Really super easy.

7. Then I took my two pieces of red rope and needle and thread sewed the ends into loops. I am thinking of switching out the tie backs soon, but this is good for a start.

8. With the construction done, I hammered in five thick nails into the wall, and started hanging the grommets on those nails.

9. Once they were all up, I screwed the little hooks I bought into the wall on either side and hung the red rope tie-backs on those.

10. I then tied the curtains back, and sat back – very pleased with the results! (The panels are centered, I don’t know why the look a bit off in this photo.)

The cost of the entire project was about $85. (The canvas fabric was a little pricey.) The panels have been up for a week now, and they have served as a play stage, have made his room extra cozy and warm, and have made an excellent private spot for my mom, who is visiting right now helping nurse that little guy after his New Year’s tonsillectomy. A three day weekend project well done, if I might say so! I love crossing things off my Inspired to Create Pinterest board!

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