Blogging My Advent Calendar 2011

One of my favorite yearly traditions that I have come to know is blogging my advent calendar here. (If you are interested, here are some of my past ones: 2010, 2009)

This year, I want to be sure to dig a little deeper into the season – as 2011 has been especially spiritually for my family and me. Inspired by a very clever friend, our family will discuss and ponder an important word each night, as we eat a piece of advent chocolate together. I’m going to collect those words that we’ll ponder here to remember them daily – and try to use them as inspiration for my daily personal treat.

Thursday 12/1: Goodwill
I am excited to start this exercise with this word. Today’s treat will include talking about one especially nice thing that we are going to do for a friend this month.

Friday 12/2: Delight
My son’s first school dance is tonight! Yes, he’s in preschool, but still – it’s just so unreal. Delight is a perfect word for today.

Saturday 12/3: Compassion
Today, we will be donating some non-perishable food and some gently used clothing to our local food pantry Care For Real. This is something I am ashamed that I have never done before, and am looking to make it an annual holiday tradition with my son. Thankfully, this word came up today and inspired this to finally happen.

Sunday 12/4: Peace
Weather permitting, I hope to get to talk a long quiet walk by the lake with my boys today.

Monday 12/5: Unity
Today I will finish the homemade 2012 Calendars for all sides of the family as holiday gifts. These calendar’s include birthdays and special days for all the family, in hopes that all will think of each other on those days. I hope to share those calendars with you after they are complete.

Tuesday 12/6: Friendship
Well this word inspires me to set up a date night with my girlfriends that night. Just sent the email call. Crossing my fingers!

Wednesday. 12/7: Hope
Strong word: hope, with strong implications. I have lots of hopes for 2012. Strange that this word would pop up for this day, as there is some news that I am hopeful will happen for me. News that I have waited for. Hoped for. Will be an interesting piece of chocolate that night.

Thursday 12/8: Happiness
Happiness is time spent with my family, so that’s just want I am going to do to tonight. Come evening, you’ll find us dining at my current favorite gluten-free-menu-ed spot: Lady Gregory’s in Andersonville!

Friday 12/9: Merriment
Prep prep prep for a party tomorrow while listening to a very loud holiday Spotify playlist! This year I will be hanging these paper things all over – inspired by a Design Sponge post. Weeee!

Saturday 12/10:
Host our annual friend holiday dinner party. This year we will all be trying our hand at recipes from this cook book:

Sunday 12/11: Warmth
Today is about recuperating from the party. I will be taxed only with drinking some hot cocoa and chillaxin’ in front of the fireplace.

Monday 12/12: Inspiration
So much of this blog and my life is about inspiration. It comes from so many places. Today I will celebrate by completing a project I have pinned to my ‘Inspired To Create‘ Pinterest board!

Tuesday 12/13: Grace
Today, I will give thanks.

Wednesday 12/14: Beauty
So many things that ‘beauty’ can mean. Deep, meaningful, wonderful things. I am going to do something annoying though. I am going to go let myself buy some makeup at Sephora.

Nars Deep Throat Blush

Thursday 12/15: Tranquility
Tonight, the Dr. Who marathon of 2011 will be turned off, and I will just read quietly. This is a good thing, right? …Right?

Friday 12/16: Joy
It’s the little things, Right? Today I am going to enjoy a treat from a place I go a little too often. @argotea: WHY can’t I quit you?

Saturday 12/17: Wonderment
The Hancock Winter Wonderland Holiday Train on the 96th floor, plus the holiday lights on Michigan Avenue!

Sunday 12/18: Comfort
Online holiday shopping today: from the… you guessed it: comfort of my own home.

Monday 12/19: Vitality
I am starting a yoga class soon. This will be my first real yoga since my son was born 4 years ago. I am excited and a bit nervous. Tonight, I will start preparing with some good deep breathing and stretching.

Tuesday 12/20: Laughter
I just sent out another email because this word came up. I requested a Skype date for this day with a dear, dear friend in Texas who ALWAYS makes me laugh. What fun! Can’t wait!

Wednesday 12/21: Bliss
A lovely lunch with my co-workers today! Bliss seems a bit strong of a word for this occasion, but the words were picked at random as was the date.

Thursday 12/22: Harmony
I’ll be enlisting the help of the Muppets with this one. 🙂 (edit: Fraggles- not Muppets! Silly me!)

Friday 12/23: Togetherness
Spend some precious time with my family.

Saturday 12/24: Love
Tonight, I get to join my urban family’s Nochebuena. A night of good food, good friends, and hopefully some good aged rum.

3 thoughts on “Blogging My Advent Calendar 2011

  1. I think this is so cool, especially because you’ve given such thought to meaning for each day. I’ve never really celebrated with an advent calendar, but your approach is inspiring! I hope you have fun with it.

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