Weekend Projects: Teepee Tent & Shelves

Happy Friday! I can’t stop thinking about some fun projects I would like to accomplish this weekend. The first is a handmade Teepee tent. Here is the inspiration:

Isn’t that such a lovely little room? (I am also coveting that little vintage desk.)

Now, this amazing tent can be purchased from here, but where’s the fun in that? I want to try to DIY it before I get to that point. Here is the plan:

Next up – I want to try my hand at creating some picture ledges for the hallway. I have been thinking about this for quite a while. First, I am going to see what kind of wooden board scraps I can dig up in our shared basement, then get some wood glue, clamps, a slap of BM Decorator’s White paint, and wall fasteners. Then, I should be in business for something like this:

Among some art and photos that will be displayed on those ledges, I also want to make some Darcy Miller style some scrap boxes in that bad boy.

So off I go! Have yourself a wonderful weekend. I hope to someday post some results.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Projects: Teepee Tent & Shelves

  1. Is the teepee tent done? Show us some pictures please. I am dying to see your DIY teepee tent! I want to make one for my son as well. Please do share also how you did it.

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