Ikea Expedit Hallway Upgrade

A while back I was noodling with the idea of the Ikea foyer/hallway. I am FINALLY ready to spend a little energy in this all important area of my house – and decided to give it the mood board treatment again for inspiration.

The main thing I would like to do is to step up the style of my ubiquitous Ikea EXPEDIT that I have in my foyer and use as mudroom / extra office storage. This is what it currently looks like:

It’s kind of sloppy and I would like to unify the compartments and color a bit. As it is used primarily as a storage area for stray winter hats, gloves, and the like, I think it would be great to give some white drawer inserts a happy illustration for organizing. I mocked some ideas up here and will just print them in black and white, then use my trusty Mod Podge to découpage the illustrations on top. While I am at it, I will add white doors to the bottom row, and replace all storage containers so that they match in white. Hiking the whole thing up on movable casters would look pretty sweet, too. (And make for easier cleaning.) Something like this:

SO, without further and further and further ado, here is the final mood board with the plans.

Cool and modern is the name of the game. I have already FINALLY (well I’m almost done) painted the foyer and hallway. After MUCH deliberation, I chose Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray (and Decorator’s White for the trim.) I LOVE it. It’s the absolute perfect gray. So many light grays are too white, or too blue, or too lavender, or even too green.  This color is just a beautiful, peaceful, light gray! And, trust, I tried or thought about them all. This was the one that kept getting reccomended again and again. There is a reason for that. It rocks. (NOTE: The top photo is the old color. I have not been able to EVER take one good picture in that always dark foyer. I will keep trying.)

If I can talk my husband into it, and I can sell our current light fixture, I would love something like this one. We’ll see…

I have mentioned this pub mirror before – and I want to try to salvage it in here for now, so I painted it to match the trim: Decorator White. Below it I would love a spot to store and put on shoes – and to add a pop of much needed color by DIYing an orange cushion on top.

I am still craving the Hovet mirror, and I wonder if it would work on the coat closet door. If not, I would like a mirror of some sort there – to give the foyer some more light and depth, and for a quick looky before heading out the door.

I have been really dying to make some picture shelves ala Chez Larrson, but to buy would just be easier. We’ll see which one happens first.

And, there you go! Here is the shopping list. As I promised, this is an Ikea hallway through and through (with the exception of the light fixture) – but if I can build or find better substitutes as I go, that’s what I will try to do!

PAINT WALLS: Benjamin Moore 04 Decorator’s White and HC-170 Stonington Gray
KASSETT Magazine box with lid, white $9.99  / 2 pack
KASSETT Box with lid for paper, white $7.99  / 2 pack
KASSETT Magazine file, white $3.99  / 2 pack
EXPEDIT Set of casters, silver color $15.00 each (x2 = $30.00)
EXPEDIT Insert with door, white $20.00 each (x4 = $80.00)
EXPEDIT Single drawer insert, white $30.00 (x4 = $120.00)
RIBBA Picture ledge, white $14.99 each (x2 = $30.00)
TJUSIG Bench with shoe storage, black $79.99
West Elm Bulb Pendant $99.00
HOVET Mirror, aluminum $129.00 <—— These show up on Craigslist all the time, I find!

Almost $600? This may take me a while.

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