Why Blog?

One of my very favorite fellow bloggers (Bohemian Season) wrote an excellent post today that got me thinking about this: Why do I blog? I often tell folks that know about this little bloggity of mine that I am not really completely sure why I do it. It’s something that I don’t promote, don’t tell many people about, and am not looking to build any kind of major audience. That said, I keep it public and don’t mind when folks find me. (In fact, I honestly kind of like it.)

For me it is what I call it: the collecting of ideas. This blog o’ mine is about putting together visual expressions of myself, my home, my thoughts, things I see that I like, and whatever else I feel like shooting out of my brain and onto the world. Is it self-involved? Perhaps – but I guess one can say that about all forms of art and expression. This just happens to be my little piece of art, for whatever that means. I like it, and that’s all that matters to me for now. It’s cathartic and here when I need it. I am so glad that I have it and that it’s mine.

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