The Urban Biker: Equipment

In an effort to be time efficient, healthier, and at the same time greener – I am considering becoming a bike commuter. From my house to my office, it’s about an 8 mile ride along a beautiful lake front bike path. Why haven’t I worked up the courage/energy/equipment to start doing this yet??? Well, I am working on all these things. But, let’s start with the fun stuff: The Equipment.

1. Bell Citi Bike Helmet seems to get some good reports online. I find helmets to be so ugly, but especially in the city, very necessary. ($39.95)

2. I have an old mountain bike, and a super cool vintage bike. Neither of these bikes are good for 16 miles of riding per day. Perhaps I can sell both of these bikes to get something that is sturdy, and has a comfy seat. Something like this beautiful Schwinn? ($349.99)

3. Some washable gloves to help with vibrations and to wipe away some sweat. ( $13.11)

4. The ensemble doesn’t have to be crazy cute, but is should be comfy and presentable, right? What about some Swrve bamboo v-necks and water and wind repellent bike knickers? (I love that those pants are described to have “articulated knees for comfort on a bike or barstool”.) ($90 for 3 shirts + $90 for knickers = $180)

5. Of course I will need some waterproof bicycle panniers for hauling a change of clothes, makeup and such. Why are these so pricey? I did see some DIY options out on the internet, but nothing that ended up looking very great. Regardless, I hear that no matter how water proof they claim to be, that you should like with plastic bags just to be safe. Here are some nice ones. ($120)

6. A good cable lock will be a priority. ($39.95)

So this means that for less than $750 (minus whatever I can sell my current two bikes for), I too can become a bike commuter. Weeeee!

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