DIY Art Inspiration Idea: Reusing The Crib

I have an idea. I shall collect it and I hope by doing so, I will soon be inspired to create it!

Here a bit of back story with me waxing on about what to do with some of the crib pieces when my son graduated to a toddler bed. This crib was a great purchase for us, an Ikea Gulliver in white – that converted to three different stages: infant, baby, and toddler – all in a modern clean form, and all for about $100 bucks.

But now, we have graduated to a big boy bed, and I have the rest of the crib to reuse or recycle. The always inspirational Chez Larsson wrote a post a while back that I have been saving up for this time. She came up with several awesome ideas for reusing a crib very similar to ours:

Photo from: Chez Larsson

I have been noodling with what to do with the heavy flat bottom part of the crib for a while, and I think I have it. I want to create a large art piece for our house. Yep, you read that right. I want to cover it in plywood or canvas (yet to be determined) and then create something fun on it. I have been thinking about this DIY piece every since I saw it way back when:

Photo from: Apartment Therapy

I love the graphic quality, the gray-scale, and the nod to my favorite state. I want to try to incorporate one or all of those things in my piece.

One idea I have is to DIY something using paint swatches, as I have been seeing a lot around the blog-o-sphere these days. (Like here.) Wouldn’t it be cool to use black, white, and shades of gray paint swatches to create something Chicago inspired, using Photoshop to pixalate an image into a mosaic. Something like this?

Or maybe something really simple and illustrative would be fun:

Or – how about creating some fun filters on Navy Pier’s Ferris wheel – then print, patch together and cover in matte finish Mod Podge?

What do you like, or do you have another idea altogether? I am torn (as usual) with a hundred indecisions, visions, and revisions.

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