The History Of The Worthy Kitchen

I am about to get a wee more personal than I usually get here on the Ci – and give you a little historical background of my husband, Jason and myself. First off – we both met when we were about 14 years old, introduced my a mutual friend. I thought he was nice, but sort of dorky; he thought I was pretty, but way out of his league. We would run into each other occasionally after that (with me thinking he sure was getting cuter and cuter), and then both ended up attending the same university. By then, my crush on him was huge and I asked him out. He said yes. We went through most of our 20’s living together happily, and then we got happily married.

This is a long way of saying that we have been together a very long time and started out together just children, really. When it was time for dinner, being the good Texans we were, we would pop open a jar of fresh salsa, open a bag of tortilla chips, and call it a day. Cooking was just not really our thing. We would make an attempt to cook ever so often – but would just end up making the same quick, easy, and unhealthy things again and again.

After we got married, we left our home state of Texas so that Jason could attend graduate school at The University of Iowa’s awesome Writer’s Workshop. We were excited about new adventures, a new lifestyle, and new friends. We found all those things in Iowa. We would throw large dinner parties for all of our new friends. It was then that Jason really started teaching himself how to cook. Being him, he started with the very advanced: homemade pasta, pâté, & mayonnaise. (None of this turned out very well.) But in diving in head first – he started really learning the art of cooking. And he started becoming very, very good. When he would make a new recipe, he would turn to me and say, “Is this worthy of making again someday?” I would give a heck yea, or a hell no. Eventually the question just became, “Is this worthy?”

Fast forward to today, we are now a family of 3 with lots of challenging dietary restrictions. For health reasons, I went gluten-free a year an a half ago (read a little more about that here.) My husband now chooses to eat a vegan diet before 5pm on most days to reduce his animal footprint and his waist size. Then, there is the 3-year-old prince of our house – who we are constantly trying to convince that there is more to life than just mac and cheese. What we have ended up with is a catalog of amazing and healthy ‘worthy’ meals that we pull from, adapt, and expand on constantly.

Being creatively inclined, there have been times in our lives when Jason and I have collaborated on projects together. Our most recent collaboration is an attempt to take this catalog of recipes and cull it down into the best of the best. Then, we thought to share that catalog with all of our friends, family, and the world. One thing though – I don’t cook. Forcing myself to cook more was even one of my 2011 New Year’s Resolution. So – in order for a recipe to be posted in this new catalog, not only must it be deemed worthy by going though multiple trials, and be healthful and meet some or all of our families needs, it must past one final test: I have to cook it. If I can cook it, well than so can you. So without further ado – here it is (and still in beta) The Worthy Kitchen. I hope that you may find it as useful as we have.

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