Kitchen Remodel: Planning Stage

I am not planning on moving anytime soon, so it makes me think about remodeling. It especially makes me focus on what I would like to do to my kitchen/dining room. Here is a shot from the dining room into the kitchen  – prior to painting:

Ewwww, Barney purple walls! Why?? And so I painted it black . Well, actually Benjamin Moore’s Deep Space. And, I kept the chair rails white. Just in case you don’t like to look back, here’s a refresher:

But, I have always wanted to knock that wall between the kitchen and the dining room around a bit, like my neighbor whose condo is a mirror image of mine did. Here’s what his looks like currently:

Love it!!!! It opens the space so nicely and really brings the light and view together. I would like my redo to be a wee bit less modern, and thought that some glass cabinets and a friendly bright yellow mosaic backsplash might be just the trick. So by the magic of Photoshop: let it be so!!!

Ok, my Photoshop skills leave something to be desired, but can you see it? Do you love it? How much would this cost? $10,000? Whatever the cost, it’s out of the question for now. But someday! A girl can dream right?

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