2011 Visual Diary: Week 5

Hmm, what can I say about this week other than the Midwest saw the biggest blizzard it has had since 1999. This was the third worst storm on the record books! This means that what follows visually will be what consumed a lot of my time this week: cold and snow.

Saturday, 1.29.11: Cold night game night with close friends. We played our current favorite board game: Ticket To Ride.

Sunday, 1.30.11: Went to a fun indoor play area birthday party. The kids drove around in these plastic cars (see above) for what felt like hours and hours, and seemed to have a blast. Click on the photo, and you will be going to a blog that offers some great ideas for turning those *ahem* not so gorgeous primary colored vehicles into something a bit more sassy.

Monday, 1.31.11: Tom Skilling’s Blizzard warnings on Facebook were constant. This guy was way too excited about this storm. Much more severe weather like that, and Tom and I may just have to have a talk. With soothing, calming, peaceful words…

Tuesday, 2.1.11: Font change on the visual for a new month! I know, perhaps someone needs to have a talk with me using soothing, calming, peaceful words. Anyhoo – this was the best shot I came across showing cars left and abandoned all along Lakeshore Drive, stuck in the blizzard. It’s totally surreal. I saw a helicopter video of this, as well. It looked like there was over 300 cars abandoned. Craziness!

Wednesday, 2.2.11: So what does one do with a snow day around the Ci house? Make cookies and invite the 3-year-old downstairs up for a playdate! Oh! What a wonderful way to spend a day!!!

Thursday, 2.3.11: Then, back to reality, and on my way downtown while navigating -12 wind chills and 20 feet of snow too. booo.

Friday, 2.4.11: To make life a bit brighter this week, I bought myself a brand new, warm, black puffy coat. This is the perfect time of year to buy one! It’s still cold enough to wear it a bit longer this year, but deeply discounted to make room for the store’s spring stuff. Had a lot of fun with this today. Now, on to dreaming of the spring…

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