2011 Visual Diary: Week 3

And here it is: week 3 of 2011! Still trucking along with this project. It’s helpful that I give myself a week to get ‘er done, and nice to have some space to remember the good things.

Saturday, 1.15.11: I love a good organizing day! I know, crazy – right? Today I found a moment to go though all of my son’s toys and books and organize them. I hadn’t done this in a while, and I was surprised at how little he has outgrown and needed to be donated/disposed of. He really is growing into the person he is going to be for a while. That baby stage went SOOO fast. I really like this 3 year old G.

Sunday, 1.16.11: Food is good. I like food. My husband is an AMAZING cook. I have a hard time not posting food pics exclusively on this diary project, yet this recipe could not be dismissed. Since going gluten-free a year ago, I have had the strangest meatball craving. Meatballs are generally made with bread crumbs to make them soft, mushy and, well – meatbally. For whatever reason, it’s taken me this long to find a recipe to try it out. AND OMG, this was the right one. It just substitutes g-free breadcrumbs, so really – it would be easy to make this recipe gluten filled if you don’t shun it like I do. Yummmmmy. I put my meatballs over polenta, as I find that g-free pasta sucks. Yea, I said it.

I must give a shout out to Gluten-Free Goddess. I have not met one of her recipes, or photos, that wasn’t delicious and beautiful.

Monday, 1.17.11: I am on the hunt down today for the perfect coffee table. Our current one cost about $30 from Target and is about to collapse under it’s own cheapness. I know I want something like this: mid-century inspired, long, sleek, and under $100. I have been scouring Craigslist, but nothing yet.

Tuesday, 1.18.11: Sick day with a boy with a stomach bug. My husband and I usually trade half days when this happens. My half included lots of my son’s favorite dvd: Car Toons.

Wednesday, 1.19.11: Embarrassing to admit, but the thing that stood out most to me today: hearing my son using a swear word in frustration over the baby monitor. Yes, we STILL use a baby monitor. Just when I start feeling confident about parenting, I get a startling reminder that although it’s a great job, it’s a tough one. *slowly and quietly turning the baby monitor off…*

Thursday, 1.20.11: I got to meet so many amazing people today, but one that really stood out was Dr. Dan Ivankovich. This man is like 7 feet tall (I shook his hand, and I lost my own in his huge one) and his heart is a whole lot bigger than that.  So inspirational.

Dr. Dan does many things with his life. One cool thing? He is a prominent figure in the Chicago blues music scene. Cool, right? But that’s a very small part of what makes him so cool.

Dr. Dan is also an authority on the medical issues faced by the poor. He is a surgeon that has worked very hard to improve access to health care in many medically under-served communities and hospitals throughout the Chicago area. In 2000, he established the Chicago Musculoskeletal Initiative (ChiMSI). According to Wikipedia, ChiMSI served over 7,000 patients in 2005, expanding to 15,000 patients/clinic visits and over 800 surgical cases in 2009. WOW.

Then, after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Dr. Dan and his team were some of the first on the scene, airlifting  thousands of tons of medical supplies to Port-Au-Prince. He helped to set up mobile Forward-Assist Surgical Teams (F.A.S.T.) to manage hundreds of Haitians with severe injuries. While rounding through the multiple tent-city medical camps, he and colleagues from Handicap International discovered nearly fifty patients with severe spinal cord injuries.

During this time, Dr. Dan came upon two such patients, Suy Bazelais and Josette Delisca, who managed to survive despite life-threatening injuries. He personally escorted them to Chicago, where they received care at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

In 2010, Dr. Dan organized a team of health providers from Chicago to join him in his mission and features their biographies at his website, The Bone Squad. He also blogs in the voice of his alter ego, the Reverend Doctor D, focusing on health and social challenges and chronicling his work in Haiti.

He travels from hospital to hospital in the “Bone Mobile”, a jet-black 2007 Dodge Magnum SRT street-rod.

What. A. Cool. Dude.

… and I watched Car Toons with a foul-mouthed boy this week. Ugh. I need to go out there and be more helpful to society.

Friday, 1.21.11: Ok, hear me out here – this is going to get a little kooky. Many, many years ago, I let myself smoke cigarettes. Don’t worry, I don’t let myself do so anymore. BUT, when I did, I had a very cherished possession: a Zippo lighter with a sterling silver cover which had the Mayan calendar design on it. I would spend a lot of time looking at this calendar, thinking about it, and loving it. December 21, 2012 – the end of that calendar, seemed a thousand lifetimes away. But, now – it’s almost tomorrow. What does it mean? I can’t even begin to tell you what you should think it means, but to me – well… I just feel change coming. Not necessarily bad change. Just… Change. This kind of news story sets my mind a blazing, and my fingers a googling.

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