2011 Visual Diary: Week 2

I’m back with week 2 of my 2011 visual diary! Come on, admit it, you didn’t think it would last more than a week, did you? The tortured, rusty graphic designer inside of me is loving putting these little guys together. The design, in case you are wondering, is inspired by my old fave Chez Larson’s 365 day project. She used actual overlays, which would be convenient, but I wanted to have a bit more control. Plus, as I said before, these are not my images that I am using, but fun ones that I am finding on the webosphere (then crediting with a link, of course.) I am really liking this project so far. Let’s see how long I go!


Saturday, 1.8.11: The new washer and dryer came (see diary entry 1.4.11)! They are beautiful! I LOVE THEM! But I can’t use them. Apparently, our problems run deep in our condo’s venting system. Long story short: we were told that the piping that was used inside the walls to vent, was not the best material to use. As a result, those pipes have cracked and dryer lent is now venting into the walls. SO they need to be replaced, immediately. Enter a sledgehammer and whatever else it takes to open up our ceilings and replace the piping. Meanwhile, we are overflowing in lent and laundry around here. *sigh* This photo is a good image of how I feel.


Sunday, 1.9.11: As it’s been a stressful weekend thus far, due to being covered head to toe in lent, it’s time for some play and laughs with my boy. He loves this little tent that we picked up at Target on the clearance. It’s just big enough for the two of us, and his millions of cherished Matchbox cars.

Monday, 1.10.11: This diary exercise if funny, because its often hard to pick just one moment of your day to call out. It either seems that they are all not quite important enough, or that there are too many important ones to choose from. This one meant a lot to me today. I helped a very close friend of my with her resume. I am no resume expert, but I like to think of myself as a pretty good friend. This friend is so unhappy with her current job, and It felt so satisfying to be able to be a little proactive in helping her move on. I think her resume ended up looking really great! (I got your back, L!)


Tuesday, 1.11.11: Well this probably needs very little explanation. It was my first acupuncture appointment ever. I have an old friend that just got into her first studio after getting her degree last spring. I was her first official studio client. Nerve wracking? Yes. Amazing, you bet. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. She really just focused on tension and fatigue, which are things that I imagine plague everyone. If you live in the Chicago area, and have pretty good access to the Loop – let me know. I will give you her information. You won’t regret it, promise.


Wednesday, 1.12.11: Now this is a fun project I am working on! I traded craft projects with an old high school chum of mine back in Texas. We reconnected through Facebook, and somehow decided to create a handmade item for each other and send it sometime this year. I will probably talk more about it here at a later time, but here’s a sneaky peak. She LOVES all things vintage – and I love free fonts. Let’s see how this goes!!!


Thursday, 1.13.11: I’m not really sure what to say about this:

Your Astrological Sign May Not Be What You Think It Is

They also added an extra sign to the zodiac: Ophiuchus. I have never really thought all that much about astrology, but this BLEW MY MIND today. Apparently, I am not alone. I have never seen a subject cross all demos so rapidly and dramatically across all of my social networks. This information really bothered folks. As I said, I am still not sure I am ready to know what to say/think about this.


Friday, 1.14.11: Well, the good news about tech issues and one’s servers being down, is you get caught up on a lot of odds and ends. My server’s half empty! or half full… Whatever’s better. 🙂

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