2011 Visual Diary: Week 1

I am going to try something different and new for me. Every week, I am going to try to post a visual diary of my days that week. This project could last a month, or it may last a year. It all depends how I am feeling it. Each day will have snapshot and a synopsis of a moment in my day. That image will be a Google image for now (credited with a link, of course).

So, without further ado, here was my first week of 2011:

Saturday, 1.1.11: It was high time for a new mattress in the Ci house. Ugh, such an expensive and important purchase! After much evaluation and investigation, we went with the Tempur-Cloud Supreme, and could not be more satisfied with the purchase so far. It’s amazing.

Sunday, 1.2.11: I have mentioned here before that our family loves to have one membership per year to a local museum. 2010 was the Shedd Aquarium, and we really learned our way around the place and enjoyed it to the fullest. Today was probably the last day to go with this year’s membership. This was the view we enjoyed each time we ate lunch at their lovely little restaurant.

Monday, 1.3.11: Wonderful, rare time with my girlfriends at one of our favorite joints, Indie Cafe. Laughs, drinks, good food, good conversation.

Tuesday, 1.4.11: Just because it was bound to happen after a big purchase (see mattress above) – our washer gave out. Luckily, I was enjoying a stolen moment with one of my favorite blogs today – and saw that they had just discovered a mega deal at Lowe’s on the perfect washer and dryer for us, too! Thanks to Young House Love – we picked up these bad boys for a song! LOVE them! And – WAY more energy efficient, quiet, and quick than our last ones.

Wednesday, 1.5.11: My husband’s awesome xmas gift to me this year was music at my desk at work! Love this little Go Groove MOVE he gave me. It makes me smile and think of him all day. Also – it charges my iPhone, so BONUS to that.

Thursday 1.6.11: The big news today was that they have proven that vaccines do not cause autism. I didn’t really think that they did, but I am relieved to know that vaccinating my son was for sure the right thing to do. Also – I hope that Jenny McCarthy is ok. Also – what does cause autism? Lots of thinking on this today.

Friday 1.7.11: My head is swimming in social media today. My job and personal life revolve more and more around it. I find it fascinating, but am feeling overwhelmed today.

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