2010 Idea Germs

I had so many little nuggets of ideas that happened this year that should have turned into posts- but for whatever reason weren’t fully realized. So that they don’t get lost forever, and have a chance to someday live on, here they are – the 2010 Idea Germs:

1. Here is a beautiful Swedish blog. The decor really says a lot to me, even if the language isn’t my own. It’s a mixture of my favorite home decor colors: white and putty – and cramed full with a ton of character.


2. Inspiration! I love the idea of building a list of 5 things that inspire me, ala Making it Lovely’s “Blog it Forward”.

Making It Lovely

3. A lovely free printable calendar from love.obsess.inspire.


4. Another hallway coat rack idea:


5. You print it letter shop! What a cool idea!



6. Sweet little kid’s recipe blog.

Jack’s Bites


7. Popular Science + Rethinking Magazines:



8. The more I see things written about the Pax, the more I think I can’t live without it.



9. 365 day project (one photo a day for 365 days)


UNIFORM natural

10. Cayenne Accent Color using Ikea stool

Chez Larsson


11. Lovely someday present for my California friend



12. A great cookbook:

The Canal House

13. Paint G’s train table with chalkboard paint and cork.




14. Awesome decorating ideas.


Oh Happy Day


15. Open up dining room/kitchen door to make wider, and add Lack shelving. (Loving the light fixture, too.)


Apartment Therapy

Well, there you have it. Don’t be surprised if you see any of this ideas evolve on this blog 2011! See you then!

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