Black Christmas Tree

I have been reading Nicole over at Making It Lovely‘s blog for years, and I am very inspired by her. So much so that I realized after I was doing them for a while, that my mood boards are a poor rip off of hers most of the time. Ah, well. I make no secret that this is a blog about inspiration.

Nicole tends to do things A. Thoughtfully, B. Beautifully, and C. Girly. I love everything she is doing to her home and posts about on her blog, however it always runs a bit on the girly side of things for my decorating tastes. She loves the color pink. Last year, she posted pics of her amazing pink Christmas tree.

So pretty, right? She was inspired by an editorial in Blueprint magazine (RIP).

I like pink fine (it sure does love brown), but it’s not my personal decorating color choice. So, this year, in honor of my new black dining room, because allergies from family members ruled out a real tree, and just because I wanted to, I decided to go with the black tree. It looks very different than Nicole’s pink tree – but fake and fun in the same way. I had to use all unbreakable ornaments, as my son is still toddling around a bit. I chose mostly felt. Here’s your sneaky peak:

More to come. Oh – and if Nicole does ever read this (as if), thank you for all of your inspiration. Next time you are in the city (Chicago), please allow me to buy you a meal.

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