Blogging my Advent Calendar 2010

Last year I did something really fun and satisfying: I blogged my Advent Calendar. It really made me feel like I was maximizing the season by giving myself a scheduled holiday treat each day, and I want to do it again. So, here it is – my holiday 2010 Julekalender:

Wed. 12/1: See a play!
This is supposed to be a new and active adaption, and I can’t wait to see it: Peter Pan at The Lookingglass

Thu. 12/2: Do some online holiday shopping.
Etsy will be on the top of my list for shopping this year, as I do love to encourage those hard working artist. However, I also will be shooting to find affordable things off my gift guide. (Umm, I need to create a gift guide.)

Fri. 12/3: Make 2011 calendars.

Sat. 12/4: Buy and decorate Christmas tree.
Last year I had a bit of fun with a Post-it Note tree. This year, will the tree be traditional or will it have a twist like last year? Stay tuned.

Sun. 12/5: Shop for gifts and decorations at Ikea.
The annual holiday trip! What a treat!

Mon. 12/6: Have a peaceful night reading one of my forty’s.

Tue. 12/7: Buy new Christmas music!
This year I NEED the new Annie Lennox cd: Christmas Cornucopia

Wed. 12/8: Attend the 40 Reasons To Love Chicago Party
My very favorite magazine, Chicago magazine, turns 40 (!) this year. Guess who is headed to the big event to celebrate this occasion?!

Thu. 12/9: Listen to Christmas music.
I need to figure out a way to wire the front and back of my condo so that I can play the same music everywhere at the same time. It’s got to be possible!

Fri. 12/10: Prep prep prep for party.
Among other things, make a 5 minute tinsel wreath for the front door. (via Creature Comforts)

Sat. 12/11: Host annual friend holiday dinner party.
Here is a great photo (found here) of the organized chaos of decoration that I am inspired by for the decor this year. (Unrelated note: I think I want to learn Swedish one day. A Swedish Ikea Christmas blog? I mean, come on!)

Sun. 12/12: Relax, chill, and do as little as possible.

Mon. 12/13: Another peaceful night reading one of my forty’s.

Tue. 12/14: Show my son the holiday lights on Michigan Ave .

Wed. 12/15: Drink an Eggnog Late

Thur. 12/16: Meet up with a cherished friend and have a drink with her.

Sat. 12/18: Drive around the suburbs and look at lights.
I hear that Lincolnwood is amazing this time of year. The famous tall tree that runs ‘through the roof’ of a house is apparently a must see. I even found a photo of it online:

Sun. 12/19: Bake and eat holiday treats with my son.
What about Sweet Paul‘s Carmel popcorn balls?

Mon. 12/20: Find Mistletoe, hang it in our house and kiss my husband under it.

Tue. 12/21: Begin wrapping gifts.

Wed. 12/22: Finish wrapping gifts.

Thur. 12/23: Relax with a thick hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows.

Fri. 12/24: Spend some precious time with my family.
It might be nice to spend some time here today: Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light at my son’s new favorite museum: The Museum of Science and Industry.

Sat. 12/25: Exchange gifts before eating a big yummy Christmas breakfast.

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