Black Walls !!

Finally did it!!! Finally pulled the trigger on the black dining room. I know that I have been talking about this for ever – but suck it! I did it! Wooot!

Before: (Purple? Really Previous Owners? In two colors, one warm and one cool?? And why did I wait so long to get rid of you?!)

After: with Benjamin Moore’s Deep Space

5 thoughts on “Black Walls !!

  1. Very cool! It’s so liberating to finally do something you’ve been dreaming of. Now I’d love to see what art you put up on your wall! I think something glam and modern – white and gold would look cool.

  2. SOOO liberating, Valerie! I have a b&w photo by an artist friend that will be a strong contender. A brassy-gold frame? Hmmmm, very interesting. Also need the perfect rug, now too. Not sure what that is yet.

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