2011 DIY Calendar

Every year I try to make a calendar of my son for myself and all his grandmothers. (Due to our modern family and seemingly maternal longevity *knock wood*, G has 7 grandmothers!)

This year, I have been really naughty – and about 99% of the photos I have taken of my son were iPhone photos, so that means I need to get creative with my design. I am also on even more of a budget this year, so the high-end printed calendar is out anyway. So, here are a couple of ideas that have inspired me: (love you Etsy!)

Well, you get the picture, I want 12 sheets of nice think card stock, 4×8, held together by a nice big clip, and finished with a little sleeve.

The finished product may not be displayed until after the holidays, as the chances of at least one of the Grand-7 coming here before then are pretty good – but I will share the initial designs in hopes that they may help inspire your own calendar this year. 

Did you know that iPhone photos look pretty good done up with a ‘halftone’ filter in Photoshop? Change up the colors, and you have a cheerful, colorful, modern design:

Then, each month gets a matching color compliment plus national and personal holidays. (All family birthdays represented!)

Now- I just need to find the paper, the printer, and the trimmer. Any suggestions on that?


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