Soon With The Black Walls – Promise!

I have been talking about painting my dining room black for what seems like FOREVER! (Eeek! I just looked, it’s been like six months now!) I did buy the paint!!! (Benjamin Moore’s Deep Space, spotted here)

I just need to find a Saturday to devote to the project and it’ll be done!

However – now I keep reading all this jazz about it being a really common blogger thing these days to paint walls black. I hate it when I realize I am just one of the sheep. Ah, well. The walls will be painted, and I will post results soon. Baaaaaa!

Speaking of, here is a nice little black wall link to tide us over.

(update: I did finally paint my dining room using BM’s Deep Space. See results here!)

2 thoughts on “Soon With The Black Walls – Promise!

  1. I’m happy to see you’re doing what makes you happy even if others are doing it too. I know what you mean though- sometImes I come up with a great idea only to find it’s been done… many times : / Oh well.
    Love the “deep space” color. I’m considering it for a wall in my bedroom and wanted to see how it came out in other homes. Thanks for sharing!

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