Another New E-mag Plus A Printed Entry

I have waxed on a bit about the new trend of e-mags and my fascination with them (here I wrote about Lonny, Nonpareil Magazine, and here about Rue, Sweet Paul. Have I read them regularly? Well, I had totally forgotten about Nonpareil until this moment, and have been entertain on a quick, but only one time scan of the others. The first guy – Lonny, has come up on my radar a few times after that first read and is fast becoming a fave.

Now, the intro of a brand new shelter e-mag (Covet Garden) makes me feel a bit overloaded and surprised. It looks good, and just different enough from the others to be interesting enough to add to my ‘keep them on my radar’ list.

What I find so interesting about all of this is the evolution that the economy is taking this. The introduction of more pervasive technology is another factor, I think. But then – what’s this? Wha-la! A brand new print pub??? Verrrry innersting. Anthology Magazine:

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