Toddler Halloween Costume: R2D2

A couple of years ago, for my son’s first Halloween, which also happens to be his birthday, I made him (what I think was) an easy but adorable, mostly no-sew costume. I thought that I would post it here, in the hopes that it may help someone else looking for ideas for this upcoming holiday!

First off, I went to the fabric store and bought some white, navy, black, and red felt. I also picked up some fabric glue, and nice new pair of scissors, 4 large buttons, and some white thread. I got lucky as they also had a white winter hat in the clearance pile. I got home and spread it out and began to cut some shapes. I glued the shapes onto the hat and a larger piece of white felt. Then I cut out a couple of arm holes into the white felt. (Ahh, see the baby monitor? I remember when I could do so many things during nap time!) Lastly, I sewed the buttons to the back to keep it all together.

Put the arms through the wholes, pop on the skull hat – and off, off and away! Easy-peasy!

His grandmother decided she would be Princess Leah, and I found a C3PO mask online, and we were set!

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