Dream Rug Living Room Mood Board

My friend Emily is moving into a sweet little one bedroom (see above) and is really excited about a new decorating challenge. She has so many great ideas, and even a “dream rug” that she wants to include. Most of her choices are super cute and budget-friendly (some great Target finds!), but there are few things she is going to splurge a bit on (the throw, and said rug.) As she was describing all of this, the mood board started forming in my head. I added a few things that I think will look great with her new space and really show off that AWESOME exposed brick (the mirror above the fireplace, the Ikea blinds that keep city eyes out, yet let light through so beautifully.) Along with some of her current items that are being kept, I think she will have quite the cozy nest.

1. Ikea ENJE Roller Blind

2. She will use existing art, a touch similar to this: Target 3D Textured Contemporary Wall Decor

3. West Elm Round Wood Mirror

4. Ikea EKPORT

5. Target Himaymay Trunk

6. Calypso Home Stripe Jaipuri 4×6

7. West Elm Chunky Tassel Throw

8. Target Dining Set

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