Bedroom Mood Board

Yes, I mentioned that I wanted to take my bedroom in a bit of a new direction. Well, here is – the bedroom mood board. Ikea, I just can’t quit you.

1. Benjamin Moore Gray Lake
2. Urban Outfitters Mid-Century Chair
3. Ikea FADO Pendant lamp
4. Ikea Frame (paint black) with existing music poster
5. Ikea ENJE Roller blind
6. Vornado Vintage Air Circulator Table Fan
7. Retro Modern TWEMCO Alarm Flip Clock Orange AP-28
8. West Elm Bed  (discontinued)
9. Ikea JONSBO BÄRBY Table lamp
10. Pillows and Lampshades in hippie fabric (DIY project to do.)
11. Ikea RITVA Throw
12. Ikea ANDRUP Rug, flatwoven

One thought on “Bedroom Mood Board

  1. Hi Kelly

    I think you might be interested in a newly launched site

    You can create digital mood boards for various design disciplines including interior design, fashion design, wedding planning, graphic design and landscape architecture as well as connect with the world’s creative professionals through social networking tools.

    Let me know what you think!


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