G’s Toddler/Preschooler Suite

If you know me, or even read this blog just a little, you know that I have an intense love for mood boards. Sometimes I need to put it all together in one spot to visualize a final outcome. I have a few favorite folks that inspire this passion, and you can find some of their amazing boards over at Making It Lovely and Young House Love.

I have been thinking a lot about the transition from baby room to toddler/preschooler room for my son. I would like to use some of what he already has, and move out the baby stuff with some stuff that is age appropriate, and some stuff that may stay a while. I am fine with using too much Ikea in here, as he will outgrow most of this, and possibly doodle on others.  So – here it is: G’s Suite!

He is a lucky little guy, and his room is in two parts. One is his bedroom, and to the side is a larger room we call his suite. I have made boards for both. Here is the idea for the suite. Most of this we already have around the house, it just will stay in there, or be moved in. The bookcase will be coming from the living room, and will be replaced soon by something else. The futon is already in there and used frequently for reading. The kitchen, play mat, and train table that get played with frequently are staying for now, but will someday be replaced with something like a desk for study when he outgrows them. There is need for some extra storage, and I love these baskets that also add a pop of color. The doors into the room are French Doors, and so must be covered with some light curtains. I love this idea from Ikea. There will be some art on the walls that I am still playing around with. That is a project for the not to distance future. The paint colors stay for now.


1. ANNO STRÅ Panel curtain with KVARTAL curtain hanging system (Ikea)
2. ENETRI: Oak (discontinued Ikea)
3. Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage & Lacey Pearl (matte)
4. DUKTIG Mini-Kitchen with top section and kitchen utensils in the DUKTIG series.
5. PS: HÅVET Sofa Bed with black cover (Ikea)
6. Strapping Floor Bin (Land of Nod)
7. LEKPLATS Play mat (Ikea)
8. Kid Kraft Train Table with Trundle Drawers and Train Set found (Found through Craigslist)
9. Not shown, but to add to walls for art: (2) 4’ Metal Picture Ledge (West Elm)

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