G’s Toddler/Preschooler Bedroom

It’s that bitter sweet transition time in our house. Time for conversion from baby room to toddler/preschooler bedroom. Some of these things will hang out for a long time (art), some for a while (the furniture), and some can be updated a little easier (the sheets and rug!) Here it is: G’s new big boy room!

I may eventually fuss with some updating on that dresser, but for now, I still love it white and clean. The bed has many compartments to hold toys, books, and special things. This will be the potty training bed, so the mattress will probably not be the highest quality for now. I hope these sweet robots sheets will make him as happy as they make me. The art that he has in there has been given to him by some amazing artists that love him. I don’t have a decent photo of the actual Robot art that he has, buy I have put this other really cool piece in as a placeholder.

His suite is right next to this room, so I tried to keep both coherent and cozy together, while remaining fun and colorful.


1. HEMNES 3 drawer chest with SPÖKA Night light (Ikea)
2. Mini Bull Beanbag, Black (Can see here)
3. “Milk” by Shannon Faseler
4. Robot Print similar to: Fall Down Tree (Etsy)
5. Circo Robot 4-pc. Toddler Bed Set (Target)
6.  UNNI Rug, flatwoven (Ikea)
7.  ODDA (Ikea): Headboard with storage compartment, Wall cabinet with sliding door, and Bed frame with drawers
8. JONISK Floor/ table lamp (Ikea)

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