Toddler Sleep ideas


Compromise. Consider sharing your bedroom but not your bed. “When our 3-year-old daughter refused to sleep alone, we put her toddler bed in our room and let her sleep there,” says Alison Bard, a Kirkland, Wash., mother of two. If you’re pressed for space, however, a sleeping bag or nap mat will work too. Better yet, these items are portable and not quite as cozy. After a few nights or weeks on the floor, your child’s own soft mattress may seem more appealing to her.

Ok, Babycenter. You have been there for me in the past, so let’s see how this cheapo blow up water toy with a sheet over it works out for us. But, this is only for when he just won’t stay in his bed.

To get him to try to stay in bed, we have designed a ‘board game’, using G’s current favorite TV character: Dora (better than Barney I suppose). When he stays in his bed a whole night, he will get to move up a space. When he reaches a destination on the map – he will get a toy of some sort. Is this bribe? Ah, well. We’ll see if it works.

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