Toddler Bed Trials and Tribulations

Please bear with me as I have some Momma issues I need to get out. I knew it would be soon, and I have been dreading it: CONVERTING THE TODDLER BED. It is as traumatic as I had guessed it might be. First off – as with most parenting issues, one just can never be sure they are doing the right thing the right way.

We have been pretty happy with our Ikea crib purchase (the white Gulliver) that has three stages, infant, baby, then toddler:

But a fourth, and sinister stage that we had not predicted came up almost a year ago: our not-quite-two-year-old became a master crib escape artist – even when the bed bottom had been dropped from the infant to the baby setting. As it was nearing cold weather time (hot hot radiators) and we don’t live on the first, or even the second floor of our stairs-only building, AND he just didn’t seem cognitively ready for the freedom, we did the unthinkable. The crib tent. *gasp*

Baby and Momma From Tots in Mind site

It felt like both the wrong and the right thing to do. I was very much looking forward to the tent’s expiration date, even though very nervous about it at the same time. It turns out that for most of the not quite year long tent time, my son kind of seemed to love it. He would even insist that I zip him in as quickly as possible. He always seemed cozy and happy. Until recently, when he decided he hated being anywhere near that crib, tent and all. To avoid making it feel like a prison, (which let’s be honest – it’s always sort of looked like to me) my husband and I allowed him to sleep with us (too many sharp kicks in the lower back to be all that comfortable for us), and experimented with letting him sleep on the guest futon (too big and scary for him.) It was time. Take off the tent and convert that sucker to a toddler bed.

So far, the results are not good. Not only has he decided that the bed is good for playing, reading, and jumping on (anything really, except for sleeping), but it’s also pretty ugly. A prison with three walls:

Actual Collected Ideas 3-Walled Prison Toddler Bed

I used the fourth prison wall to hack some more book storage, and that makes me kind of happy:

But now, what to do about that ugly crib and the non sleeping son. Hopefully some ideas will come soon. Perhaps in a sleep deprived revelation!

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