Inspired To Create: Chicago Skyline

I have been an avid reader and huge fan of Making It Lovely for some time. Her and Dooce might just have been my first introduction into the world of blogs. Both have inspired me in countless ways. The most recent was this post by Nicole, where she blogs about the Constructor Craft Fair that took place on June 6. More specifically, this image of Iconic Chicagoland prints from Leslie Hamer:

Now, I wasn’t at this Craft Fair – and I don’t know this artist. I can’t find larger images of these prints online, but that Chicago skyline illustration gave me an itch that just needed to be scratched. Could I create something inspired by this idea? Perhaps using the colors that I intend to eventually paint my space? Why, yes. Yes I could.

First I found a sweet photo of Chicago on Google images.

Then I just doodled and traced that skyline using my favorite software program: Adobe Illustrator, and matched up the colors from my palate.

This is the final result! I love it, and hope you do, too.

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