More thoughts: Bookcases

Hmmm, but what about bookcases on either side of the fireplace? Only $130 total for Ikea Billys in the perfect size and configuration to get the ball rolling. Q. Is there such thing as too much Ikea in your house. A. Yes, probably.

Remember – with decorating as with life: it’s really all about the journey, not necessarily the destination…


Plan: (to be embellished with some upper shelves and accessories with time.)

New floor plan:

UPDATE: The great Diversion Project just made a post about “The Process of Natural Progression”. I really like the idea of growing slowly and lovingly.

2 thoughts on “More thoughts: Bookcases

  1. I have Ikea Billy bookcases and what I like about them is that they are a sort of classic version of a bookcase (at a discount). They don’t jump out to your eye screaming “I came from Ikea” whereas some other things (that I often still like anyway) like very specific lights, chairs, fabrics do. Go for the bookcases! But if you’re a “bookie” (is that a word, like “foodie”?) then buy more than you think you need.

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