The Right Shelves

I have been sort of obsessed on how to solve my living room storage/media issues. I have never been happy with my current situation: (Apologies for the not very good, and now outdated photo, but you get the idea. Cheap Ikea shelving – buckling under the weight of too many books. I color coded them, though – which I find sorta purty.)

Back in October of last year, I came across this, and it got my wheels a turning as far as a direction to go:

A month later, one of my favorite bloggers posted her DIY shelving unit, inspired by something that they saw at the Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, which of course I collected here:

About that time, I also came across this modular shelving system: (passed on by my buddy Larry)

But it wasn’t until I came across these photos today on emma’s designblog

…that I think I have figured out the best solution! It’s a bit DIY, it’s clean, and I can’t wait to make it happen some day soon. Here is the initial sketch:

What do you think?? Now, where to get the perfect shelves – how to hang them so that heavy books can sit on them – where do I find the perfect cabinets – and the perfect chair. Hmmm. Not quite there yet, but getting closer!

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