Loving Memories

A good while back, I got married to a wonderful man. We had a very small, informal wedding at the most lovely little boutique hotel. At the time, this hotel was fairly newly renovated and opened, and I was in love with it. I BEGGED them to let me use their courtyard for our ceremony. They said that that really wasn’t their thing – as they were really trying to bill themselves as a hotel that catered to visiting hipsters and musicians. After convincing them that the event would be tiny, that it would involve a lot of the above demographic, and that we would be renting the majority of the rooms for the weekend – they agreed to let us do it.

It was the best wedding I ever went to. (Since then, I know that they have had more weddings there – including a very sweet ceremony of one of my very best friends and her amazing husband.)

I still try to visit that little hotel when I am in Austin, TX – and it is still as lovely as I remember, every time. I wonder if I can try to incorporate some of the amazing design aesthetic into my own space. I can’t believe I haven’t tried to use them as inspiration before.

Thank you: Hotel San Jose

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