Criteria for a Blogroll

I just added another link to my blogroll, and it got me thinking about criteria for a blogroll list. I am sure that everyone has a different strategy for their individual blogroll, but here is mine: (NOTE: of course this strategy is subject to change willy nilly, as I change my mind often. Just ask my poor furniture which gets moved around as soon as it starts to feel comfortable.)

  • I must feel compelled to read you often. Odds are good I rarely – if ever – miss reading one of your posts.
  • You probably said something at one time that I was so enamored with that you became a blog that I read so often, that I rarely miss one of your posts. I was probably thinking about you often already, but then you said something a little extra special to me.

So – that’s it. That’s the criteria. I read A LOT of blogs, as I enjoy them and can read them on my commute. (I ride the bus.) And I read them when I have a moment of downtime. And I read them when I should probably be doing other things instead sometimes.

So, my newest link I added just said this, and now he has advance to my blogroll inclusion:

Click here to download both the CS and Chicago Home articles from Leo Design’s website.  And click here to subscribe to Chicago Home + Garden (for only $9.95).  It’s a rocky time for magazines and newspapers.  Thanks to the Internet and the recession, print advertising revenue has declined rapidly.  Unfortunately, blogs, mobile content and social networking don’t kick off enough cash to fill the gap – yet.  But it’s only a matter of time before innovative new revenue models kick-starts things.  Until then, subscribing to your favorite magazines makes a BIG difference, and it’s one of the best ways you can help your favorite publication chart uncertain waters until things pick up.

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