2010 Resolutions

Goals are always better written down and shared, right? So, here I my 2010 goals:

• Be healthier (Got the Wii Fit that I asked Santa for!!! THANKS Mom & Dad!) I also want to research a little more about Gluten-Free diets. Could I?? Probably not, but a friend of mine is doing it and I have never seen her look better!

• Enjoy this blog, and don’t turn it into work.

• Stop creating new projects, but work on and grow current ones. (While doing this, please remember the above note.)

• Research schools for my son, as the time is coming.

• Join a Chamber of Commerce or some other business growth opportunity organization.

• Take more photos

• Go on more dates with my husband

• Cook more

• Travel to Texas before next Christmas. Travel to Portland to see my best friend soon. Take a road trip with my family for the weekend sometime when the weather gets nice again.

• Read more fiction

• Facebook less. My addiction to this site grows by the day. Perhaps I should give myself some enforced time off from that site?

• Be the best me I can be.

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