Holiday Cards

I mentioned recently when blogging my Advent calendar, that I was planning on emailing my holiday cards this year. Again. It’s done, but I can’t help but be bothered with myself for it. It comes down to this again: print vs. pixels!!! I LOVE print, I really do! I love paper, I love texture, I love the sentiment. But – I am a working parent that just doesn’t have the time or energy. Well, that’s not true. I could make the time and create the energy – but I don’t.

Here’s the other thing: I love getting cards in the mail – but then, what do you do with them when your done? It just seems sort of wasteful and clutter producing. Really, I am asking you. Tell me what YOU do with them? Do you save them? Put them up year after year? Go though them lovingly each year? Or throw them out after the confetti settles?

Anyway, here you go – for what it’s worth: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

(source: Jib Jab)

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