5 ways to cheer up your child

Here are some interesting ideas inspired by babycenter.com on what to do when our kid is feeling blue.

  1. The power of praise: Acknowledge and praise any little move he makes toward calming himself, like going to get himself a tissue or taking a deep breath.
  2. Dance it out: It could be just a need to get outside and play or simply run around the house for a few minutes. I have been working towards turning on some music, and starting a “dance party”.
  3. Take a good mood car wash: The mother on babycenter.com gives her daughter an invisible button to push to enter the “good mood car wash,” and then she twirls her around, tickles her, and make silly sounds. Good idea. Also might work to take my son to the actual car wash, as he loves that, too.
  4. Stop and listen: Great advice! Just stop and listen rather than try to solve the problem immediately. If he’s not ready to talk about it right then, I can try to give individual attention, play with him, and make sure I’m just there for him.
  5. Foster a social butterfly: A good idea to try to include my son as often as possible in social outings. Some of the times I’ve seen him the happiest are at large family or friend gatherings, when he’s had a chance to interact with a lot of people he knows and loves. It also teaches him about the joy and skills of interacting with many different kinds of people.

(source: babycenter.com)

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One thought on “5 ways to cheer up your child

  1. Wow!! I really like number five! That is a whole lot better than what we normally do which is of course lock him in the X-tra large pet carrier & leave him at home until the event is over! šŸ˜‰

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