Blogging my Advent Calendar

Yes – 5 days late, but instead of fretting about making an Advent Calendar this year, I think I will blog one! Here is a treat to ‘open up’ everyday this month, to count down my Julekalender:

Sat. 12/5: Holiday shopping at one of my favorite stores. I know, I know – I vowed to make my gifts this year, but I need some things to put them in that is shippable! 🙂 Plus – look at these sweet little doilys that are there right now!

Sun. 12/6: Cookie Baking & Xmas Cocktail Swilling!

Mon. 12/7: Get new eyeglasses!!! I have some dough left over in my Health Flexible Spending Account that must be spent before the end of the year. I am thinking something like this:

Tue. 12/8: Peaceful night blogging by the fire.

Wed. 12/9: I have always wanted to see a Cirque Du Soleil. Guess what? Got tickets to see Banana-Shpeel with the hubby!!! Woot!

Thur. 12/10: Make more holiday cookie dough to keep to bake on the weekend.

Fri. 12/11: Eat FREE pizza at office meeting. FREE pizza, people!

Sat. 12/12: Friend Holiday Dinner Party, complete with a White Elephant gift exchange!! (Note: make sure to bake holiday cookies in the morning!)

Sun. 12/13: For generations (starting in 1948), Chicagoans have taken their wee ones to the former Marshall Fields on State Street downtown in the Loop (now Macy’s, ah well) to sit on Santa’s lap, and snap a photo. I would love to start this with G this year. If we don’t really want to brave the lines this year, here is an alternative treat: Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light at The Museum of Science and Industry.

Mon. 12/14: Thai dinner with some girlfriends. (How come most of my treats come in the form of food?? Very telling…)

Tue. 12/15: My company holiday party! (Can you believe that I am lucky enough to work at a company that still does a holiday party? I can’t!) There apparently will be cookie decorating, a “make your own burger” contest, and other yummy treats. Very excited! (Food, food, food)

Wed. 12/16: Create and send Christmas E-cards. I LOVE paper cards, I just get too overwhelmed with snail mailing cards and give myself a pass by sending e-cards. I hope I don’t offend friends and family with this. I don’t *think* I do.

Thurs. 12/17: Drinks with some former co-workers. Catch up time!

Fri. 12/18: Go downtown afterwork with the family to look at holiday decorations, or drive around to see neighborhood lights. Whatever sounds more fun at the time!

Sat. 12/19: Final baking and packaging of cookies! Than, ship all gift to friends and family far away!

Sun. 12/20: Find Mistletoe, hang it in our house and kiss under it.

Mon. 12/21: Sing (or listen) to favorite Christmas songs

Tue. 12/22: Make any last minute holiday arrangements.

Wed. 12/23: Relax with a thick hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows.

Thur. 12/24: Spend some precious time with my family.

Fri. 12/25: Exchange gifts before eating a big yummy Christmas breakfast.

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