A Pledge

The last few years, due to my need to fill a creative void, be environmentally sound, and be (let’s face it) sort of spend thrifty, I have been making the majority of my Christmas gifts. I was really excited to stumble onto this recently:

So – here I go, my pledge I will TRY to go by for 2009:

Now that’s done, what to make??? Here are some ideas:

  • An old high school buddy of mine that the internets has reconnected me with not too long ago, has a funny little blog here, where she recently posted some funny and unique holiday gifts to give this season. I REALLY love this idea: Reclaimed T-Shirt Scarfs, but I made soft cotton t-shirt fabric scarfs last year, so this is probably not the answer. Note to self to bookmark this idea for myself for later :).
  • Cookies! I am totally going to make these this year: Sugar Cookies with Lime Essence. These are some of the best cookies I have ever eaten, and totally worth the subscription to Cook’s Illustrated if you want to make them! I am thinking of putting them in white tins, and then topping with a bow from this idea.
  • CALENDARS! My Bio Mother-In-Law always gives thoughtful calendars to all of her family for Christmas. She lovingly writes everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc. into each one. It must take her weeks. I am a big cheater, and am ordering these through iPhoto this year. I would tell you more, but some of you who are reading this wouldn’t get to be surprised. This counts as handmade, right???
  • Etsy, Etsy, Etsy. So many amazing things, so much talent. I hope to find some perfect things on Etsy this year.

I encourage you to make the same pledge! It’s fun, it’s personal, and it’s really special.

Happy Holidays!


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