Inspiration to Create: Advent Calendar

The Cambridge Dictionary defines an Advent calendar as a noun, and pretty much sounds like what I grew up knowing it as:

a decorative piece of card, often hung on the wall, which has a small opening with a door for each of the days of the month before Christmas. Children open one of these doors each day, finding a picture under it.
But, I got to thinking that there is probably something more to these calendars than that. I first starting wondering about it when I came across this Swedish word: Julekalender, used to describe an Advent calendar. That seems to be a term from an old Swedish TV show, so not really all that interesting after all. I was also wondering about the religious significance. Using that same Wikipedia link, I also find that there isn’t much there, either. I will keep digging, but until then – I feel the urge to create my own calendar this year. My calendar will be something that I can stick a little treat into each day. I will put on it only the significance I want it to have: the countdown to some special time spent with the people I love.
Here are some places of inspiration:

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