Baby Shower Idea

Do you throw a baby shower for a second baby? I recently had to consider this question. The answer that another girlfriend and I came up with was – yes. For this particular family, who were at the time having their own struggles with this awful economy, and for selfish reasons of wanting to get all our friends in one room – we decided to do it together. We  parceled out the responsibilities and had a wonderful time.

One of my jobs was party games or activities. As none of our group of friends is really into the typical baby shower games, but are really into sentiment and creativity – I decided to do something different. I cut out pieces of card stock and handed them out to folks, along with a Sharpie. I asked them write a little note to the coming baby. Some wrote long, lengthy thoughts, some were funny, some poetic, and some just short and sweet. Then, I asked them to pose with their card – and snapped a photograph.

I took those photos and uploaded them on (I even found a coupon – shhhh!) Then – for a very affordable price – I created a 20 page book that will be given to Baby Max (born the day before yesterday) the next time see him. I hope that someday he will enjoy the thoughts given to him right before he was born.

As some of the words were difficult to read on the cards, I zoomed in on them and uploaded those shots too. Then, I stuck the photo next to the blown up image of the sentiment. Fun, easy, and I think pretty sweet.

photo book sample

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